Top Moving Tips - How to move with less stress

Top Moving Tips - How to move with less stress - Moving can be a stressful time for anyone. When mixed emotions about the start of a new journey meet with the flustering situation of having to box up everything in your home, it can become overwhelming.

Mike Greeff CEO of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate says moving should be as stress-free as possible. “At Greeff we are fully aware of how the logistical implications of moving and the various stresses that accompany it… Tie that into the emotions that could run high and you have a potentially explosive situation. Fortunately, at Greeff, we can offer some informative and useful pointers on how to get through the process, stress-free.”

1. Clear your calendar
Bearing in mind the size of your home and the quantity of your belongings, its best to ensure you have enough time set aside to get started and follow through on all your packing. If you have a family with small children, prioritise how long this task will take you.

2. Purge
When you are moving, there is an ideal opportunity to identify what’s important and absolutely necessary and what is not. Too often we hoard more items than we realise, and it accumulates to a point of unrecognisable rubble. Because moving brings with it a fresh start, it also presents the perfect opportunity to be rid of unwanted and needed items.

3. Accumulate boxes
In the run up to your move, do your best to pack at least two boxes per day in order to save time and not be caught off guard by the amount of packing that needs to be done. On weekends, aim to pack some more than you would during the weekdays.

4. Protect your valuables
Few things can be more stressful than moving your valuables and not being able to account for whether or not it has arrived safely. A good idea when moving would be to insure your valuables for the allotted time in transit to ensure its safe arrival and your peace of mind.

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