19 Jun

How renovating your investment property benefits you

Renovating your investment property - When people hear the term ‘Investment property’ they think of a pristine home that is going to create an in-flow of capital that never stops delivering. The truth is quite different though and the adage of “you...

18 Jun

Technology in real estate

While one of the oldest assets known to man is real estate, the way the real estate industry interacts with its component parts has evolved over the decades. The latest leap in this evolution has become synonymous with the digital age and new media....

23 May

Bringing your work home

South Africa, like many countries, has experienced a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate. Office spaces have evolved, and business owners have become more flexible with their employees regarding their working hours and more importantly...

04 Apr

Priding local, performing global - Greeff Christie's International Real Estate

The media has in recent times been abuzz with much positive commentary following market-friendly events such as the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC President and more recently, President of South Africa, the dreaded 'Day Zero' having now been...

01 Nov

Cape Town's Best Buy Areas

Investing in the Mother City is always a sure bet. The City of Cape Town has excellent service delivery, continually improving infrastructure development and an approachable municipality that really does try to expedite the resolution of any issues...

31 Aug

What sets a good estate agent apart from the bad?

An estate agent should:

31 Aug

Saving up for a home

“Trying to find the large amount of money needed to buy a home can be a daunting prospect,” says Mike Greeff, CEO of Greeff Properties, an exclusive Affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. When trying to save up for your dream home, being...

27 Jul

Moving with pets: Tips to remember

Owning a pet can often be the greatest obstacle when moving to a new house. Unfortunately, pets often become a problem when trying to move. The options of remaining in your house, finding a new home for your pet, or forcing them to live in a home...

03 Jul

Five reasons to invest in Noordhoek property

1. Wake up to unparalleled beauty everyday.

05 Jun

Densification likely to add value

“Densification is not necessarily something to be feared, particularly when one views the way the trend has already been unfolding in the central Southern Suburbs, such as Claremont, Rondebosch, Wynberg and Kenilworth, where a number of properties...