Property listing photographs are more important than ever

There are various stages of the property sales process and one of the most important is the listing of the property. Prospective buyers and investors are more often than not alerted to the sale of property by an online property portal or in some cases through a print publication.

The common denominator in these media types is their use of property photos and the impact those images have on the people looking at them. The stark reality is that listing photos create a first impression and have the power to make or break a sale.

CEO of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate Mike Greeff says, “In our current society, we have to be acutely aware of what is important and what selling point exist for prospective buyers. As agents, we see and know the importance of property listing photographs and how they have the ability to either bring a property to life or turn people off it in an instant.

“Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate is well aware of the importance of having quality listing photographs to accompany their property listings and have a resident in-house photographer who has been trained to capture all homes we market in their truest and most beautiful form in order to enhance the property and ensure it is marketed with its best foot forward.”

Listing photos create the client’s first impression of the property

The adage does say, “You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Professionally framed and composed listing photographs epitomises the character of your property and allows you to put your best foot forward when attempting to give the property exposure. The best shots never just happen by accident.

They are carefully prepared and staged to make best use of the light, angles, colours and spaces offered by the property in question. The choice of morning or afternoon lighting gives viewers a sneak preview as to how the house looks driving away from it in the morning or how welcoming it looks after an exhausting day at the office.

Listing photos set the tone for the type of inquiries you get

A great listing photo will have prospective buyers champing at the bit to set up viewings. While investing in a home is a serious financial commitment that buyers are often very logical about it is also very true that emotions play a huge role in the buyer’s decision.

A good listing photo should create an emotional connection in the buyer’s mind and set the expectation of what is to come. The prospective buyer should be able to imagine themselves at the property and the listing photo helps them create the vision of their future.

Make no mistake, the saying that a picture paints a thousand words is very true with regard to presenting your property to the market. Your listing photographs offer the opportunity to say why the property is amazing and lets you give prospective buyers an opportunity to let their imaginations do the rest.

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