New to the neighbourhood? Activities to get you feeling like a local

Moving to a new area can be intimidating, no matter your age or how many times you may have done this before. You know the feeling… like a fish out of water, having to get used to new traffic routes, new neighbourhoods and your favourite coffee shop no longer being there. But fear not, because moving to a new neighbourhood can certainly be more exciting than scary and we have just the guide on what you can do to make the move so much easier.

Mike Greeff, CEO of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate says, “Part of the process of moving means that buyers in a new area have to acclimate themselves to their new surroundings…something we as agents are aware of is being challenging to accomplish. With these tips however, we hope to make that experience just a bit more enjoyable and get you used to your new neighbourhood in no time at all.”|

First things first, when moving in, be sure to stop by your neighbours to say hello and introduce yourself and your family.

Doing so offers you a good way to establish yourself in your area from the get-go and in the long run could even be the start of some wonderful friendships for you and your family. This is also a good way to get others to give you their two cents about the area and offer you more insight into activities and places to explore.

Join your area’s neighbourhood watch.

Moving to a new neighbourhood is exciting, with that said, it would be worthwhile noting that no area is immune to crime and familiarising yourself with your neighbours is an easy way to gain loyal allies who will look out for your property to the best of their ability in the same way you would for theirs. In addition, join your area’s neighbourhood watch and work with your community to ensure the area is as safe as can be. Not only will this get you actively involved in the community, but you will also remain clued up on everything happening in the community.

Use referrals from locals and visit popular local eateries in your suburb.

This could be even more of a bonus than you first realise. It’s true that each neighbourhood has a few special places that locals simply cannot do without. You’ll likely find upon visiting, that locals in the area were indeed onto something great and this place could serve as a haven for amazing memories in the future. Be it a quaint coffee shop, an authentic Mexican restaurant or wildly popular breakfast spot, listen to the locals and eat up!

Your new neighbourhood is bound to have some local clubs that you would be free to join.

If you are into to jogging, swimming, tennis or a different kind of sport, it is more than likely that your neighbourhood has a local club for this. It is a good way to meet new people and get to know those in your community while bonding over a common interest. You may even find that you would like to socialise with people who are in this club outside of the stipulated club meetings.

Attend events in your area regularly.

Of all the tips before, this one might be the most valuable yet. Make it a point to attend events in your area whether it is the local cake bake sale, a local market day or fair or even community meetings. Getting out, attending these events and some days even attending these events could be an extremely rewarding feelings and will have you on a first name basis with neighbourhood locals in no time.

The move from a place you love to a place that is all new to you, is undoubtedly going to cause some form of anxiety but with these tips, you can curb that anxiety and live your best life in your new neighbourhood.

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