Top tips for selling your home in winter

Tips for selling your home - Think winter is a bad time to market a property? Think again. With fewer homes on the market, buyers sense a stock shortage, and this is always to a seller’s advantage.

It’s a mistake to discount winter as a selling season – in fact Greeff Properties’ revenue figures indicate that July and August have seen the company’s best performance over the past three to five years. Be aware that with a stock shortage aside, you as a seller are still likely to fare better and achieve asking price or close to, if your property is well maintained  and neat, and ideally in a state of good enough repair to make it immediately habitable.

Organise a thorough inspection of the building preferably with the aid of a building contractor who is a member of the master builders association,  to assess any damage or shortcomings with a view to repairing any faults.

Use this checklist before you put your home on the market, particularly during the  winter months.

Check the gutters – they should be parallel to the roof edge and not show any sagging. Clear out leaves and branches, especially during autumn, and ensure that  down pipes are clear of blockages and draining properly.

Scan for damp marks on ceilings which, like bubbling and blistering paint are indications of roof leaks. Above floor level, crystallisation and or mould are signs of rising damp.

Window frames  should be in a state of good repair and regularly varnished, as rotting and split wood will be a source of leaks.

Loose or creaky timber floors are often a sign that a structural weakness is present.

A fresh coat of paint and new carpets or flooring add instant appeal to any home and this cost should always be factored into any preselling budget.

Clean windows both inside and out.

Ideally, when selling, you need to create the impression of a clean blank canvas that the buyer can imaging imbuing with his or her own personal imprint.

A home being marketed in winter should ideally be fitted with a functional fireplace, so ensure that your fireplace is filled with fresh wood and perhaps pine cones. A retro-fitted gas fireplace is a good investment and not too expensive either.

Convert any spare rooms into bedrooms as additional bedrooms are always a perceived value adder.

Tips for selling your home

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