Give your space a penthouse makeover

Many dream of living in a penthouse, but exclusivity comes at a price. You can however still create a "penthouse" look and feel in your apartment or even the upstairs bedroom of a double-storey house. 

  • The look requires a modern minimalist approach; begin with a ruthless de-cluttering.
  • Consider a bed with drawers for hideaway storage and avoid frilly linen and anything fluffy and cute.
  • One or two statement pieces are all that's required in terms of additional furniture.
  • Wardrobes need sliding doors to save space and floor to ceiling mirrored surfaces will create the illusion of space and increase light through reflection.
  • Nothing says penthouse more than floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors. If you have small windows, consider replacing these with sliding doors.
  • Maximise on light with white or pale neutral walls and floors.
  • Another great penthouse-style look is "inner city industrial". Embrace raw brick walls, glossed concrete or Crete stone floors, exposed metal piping and striking pendant lighting. Furniture should be bold and simple in shape.
  • White, black or bright plain, (not patterned) fabrics work beautifully against raw, textured surfaces such as brick or concrete.


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