Converting your spare room to the perfect work from home office

The past five years has seen significant change manifest in the way we think, live and work. Several of which have become the new norm – one of those changes is a work from home office. Creating this space ensures you have a functional, professional space that allows you to be as versatile as you need to be.

Mike Greeff, CEO of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate says, “The ideal work from home office consists of all the necessary elements one needs to completely enjoy the benefits of a home office. Before one can begin to enjoy these benefits, the process of making the office a reality needs to be put into motion, and it starts with choosing the perfect room in your property that will most easily meet your needs.”

Here are a few points to consider before beginning the process of creating your home office.

Don’t necessarily choose one of the smaller spaces in the home

While certain rooms in the home have a designated function already, choosing a room to be your home office should not be left to default as the one left over. If you own a three-bedroom home, one would act as the master bedroom, one could act as your child’s bedroom and one as your spare room.

Choose a room with the best connection speed

Having a work from home office means undoubtedly having to make use of the internet and a computer whereby you can communicate with those whom you have working commitments with. Should your home office not have a wired internet connection, a Wi-Fi router offers a cheap, simple alternative. It is imperative however, that you find a room with a good signal and connection speed. A simple ping test in the morning and evening should be able to firmly establish which room would work best.

Choose a room on the lower level of the property

In creating your perfect work from home space, you would ideally want it to be an easy, flowing space where, should you need to see clients, you could do so with ease. Should your home have an upper and lower level, it would be in your best interest to position the office on the lower level. You will find that in choosing an office space it would need to be easily accessible to any clients that may require seeing you.

Define your space and decorate it to your taste

Defining and decorating your office could be one of the more difficult processes to accomplish. Try to be selective in your choices and be sure to include themes and graphics that represent your personality and your business. You may even go so far as to choose scents and colours that you might enjoy being surrounded by. Select scents like lavender and vanilla to create a feeling of calm and tranquil colours to encourage a relaxed work space.

Having a home office not only adds value to your bank balance but to your home as well. A functional home office can be a major selling point should you ever wish to sell your home in the future.


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