Choosing a suburb: which fits you best?

Choosing a suburb: which fits you best? - When choosing a property, be acutely aware of your own needs and lifestyle. Whether it’s the luxurious, stylish apartment, or the small abode in the middle of the Karoo, many of us have a clear idea of our dream home. Our fantasies and dreams often ignore our practical needs and lifestyle, and this can lead to problems. After all, if you love grabbing a coffee with your friends, would you really enjoy a cabin in the Drakensburg, hours away from a city?

When buying a home, although your desires are important, it is also vital to consider your needs. In and around most cities, there are four main types of suburb: the CBD, fashionable urban ones, family-focused ones, and rural ones. Each has their pros and cons, specific way of living, and opportunities.

The CBD (or Central Business District) of Cape Town offers a wide range of apartments. It is important to keep in mind that these are often more expensive than their counterparts found on the outskirts of the city, and thus, a reasonable income is required. However, they do come with the bonus of easy access to shops, restaurants, clubs, theatres, and the very best of Cape Town’s night life. Choosing a suburb like in the CBD, where most of your needs are within walking distance, renders your own car useless, offering an opportunity to save money on petrol. It can also save the long commute from home to work every morning, if your job is located in the CBD.

Fashionable urban areas boast a range of apartments and small houses. They are typically less expensive to stay in than accommodation in the CBD. They have decent schools in the area, and are more suitable for new families. Furthermore, they have the added benefit of still being relatively close to the CBD and the variety of shops and entertainment services that comes with it. These areas are excellent for a family looking for the balance between bustling city life, and quiet, relaxed living.

Cape Town offers many family-focused areas, with large houses and gardens that are perfect for any family. They are usually affordable for their size, and have access to shopping areas, although these may not always be in walking distance. They are also quiet and give the chance for owning pets. Typically, garages are also provided to protect your car from the elements, a car which you will need to visit shops, restaurants and events.

South Africa has many rural areas to choose from as well. Nature-lovers and the less sociable will love this area, as it provides ample opportunity to relax, and often stunning views. Horse and other large animals can be kept when staying in a rural area. However, you will need to work from home or in your rural area, where work opportunities may be outside of your skillset. Despite this drawback, the seclusion rural living offers can be worth it for those who long for the quiet life.

Still, just like with any rule, there are exceptions. People living alone may want to sacrifice the convenience of the CBD for the larger spaces of the family-focused areas, or a small family may enjoy living in the heart of the city. When buying a home, the most important factor to consider is where you feel comfortable. Choosing a suburb


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