22 May

A Guide To The Guestroom of Your Dreams

Whether you have family visiting from abroad, a son or daughter home for a short while or friends you may not have seen for a long time, use this guide to ensure you place them in a guest room fitting to suit all their needs.

22 May

Autumnal Colour Schemes For Your Home

With the seasons changing, you may want the décor of your home to reflect this. While a coat of paint may perhaps be too permanent and not necessarily cost effective, there is an easier way to reflect this through the colour scheme of your home.

02 May

Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint Through These Eco-living Measures

In a world of increasing climate change and the stirrings of Winter on our doorstep, energy use is bound to climb in the coming months. Making your home as energy efficient as possible is one of the most important things to do before Winter sends...

02 May

Make Moving Easy For Your Children

Moving to a new house can be exciting, nerve-wracking, scary, fun, daunting and an adventure. For children, the above can be any of those things and can be a memory remembered forever based on how the time before and during the day turns out.

02 May

Take Care of Your Home’s Garden This Autumn

As Autumn fast approaches, we take extra measures to ensure our bodies, skin, vehicles and homes are adequately prepared for the impending change in weather. This same care can be given to one’s garden to properly prepare it for the change in...

25 Jan

What To Expect From A Property Valuation (And Why It's So Crucial)

“Know the worth of your most valuable asset by getting it evaluated by an industry professional. By listing it at a realistic price, you stand a better chance of getting the price you want.” — Mike Greeff, CEO, Greeff Christie’s International...
10 Jan

The How-To Guide For First-Time Property Buyers

“While the information isn’t secret, many first-time buyers still find themselves overwhelmed when purchasing their first home. With this how-to guide we hope to alleviate concerns and shed light on the process.” — Mike Greeff, CEO, Greeff...

05 Dec

Upgrades, Alterations & Modernisation — How To Increase Your Property’s Value

“Your property may well be your most valuable asset, so it’s a good idea to seek professional advice and assistance when it comes to upgrading or altering it. By working with a professional, you stand a greater chance of achieving your asking...

06 Nov

Tips for Selling Your Home in Summer

Tips for selling your home - Traditionally, Spring heralds the start of the “selling season” in real estate. This means more homes are on the market. Like most sellers, you will be looking for a swift sale for the optimum price.

06 Aug

Important questions to ask before purchasing a property

Buying a property is a step by step process and one that may require some time before all final decisions are made. As a means of ensuring that you as the buyer are adequately prepared, ask yourself some important questions which could be...